If you can imagine it,
We can build it!

Peterson Metal Products, LLC

Over the past 33 years, PMP has developed a very good line of quality products.  Our products are transported throughout the Western United States, from cattle guards, livestock feeders, campground equipment, fish screens, irrigation projects, head gates, trailers, truck beds, and dumpsters.

Livestock Feeders

PMP carries an assortment of feeders. From Cow to Bull to Horse feeders.  The one pictured is a square cow feeder.  It is designed for cows and yearlings, the divider bars keep smaller animals from crawling in and eliminates feed waste. They easily accommodate one tone square bales. We also carry water troughs.
Feeders, Water Troughs
Our picnic tables are steel constructed.  The top and seats are then covered with a paint to protect them from the elements.  They can also be coated with a protective coating for an additional fee.  These tables have been load tested to 500 lbs per square foot to withstand heavy snow loads.  The ends of the tables allow for wheelchair accessibility.
Picnic Tables
Our fire rings are 30 inches inside diameter and equipped with a heavy grill that is adjustable up and down as well as 360 degree rotation.  Fire rings can be built with an optional outside heat shield for additional safety.
Fire Rings
Special Design Projects
  • Stair Railings
  • Stair Steps
  • Hand rails
  • Wall Hangings
  • Signs
Special Designs
 These handy dump trailers are designed for those who need to regularly haul refuse to their local landfills or to their local county dumpsite.  Operated by a hydraulic hoisting system, this dump trailer rises high enough to dump into most dumpsters.  We guarantee this to be much easier than 55 gallon drums, or the back of your truck, and cheaper than your local garbage collector.  Check out our Facebook page to see how a video of how they work.
Dump Trailers
Fish Passages, Head gates, and Irrigation Projects are done to specifications and designs 
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